top 10 strongest Jujutsu kaisen characters

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10.  Ryu Ishigori

Being able to match okkotsu in melee combat and boasting the most powerful output, Ryu is a risky fighter. However, he lacks the versatility and talent to be in addition up in this listing.

9.  Kinji Hakari

A sorcerer that has been recognized by gojo -  with one of the maximum overpowe-invincibility and limitless cursed electricity at extraordinarily quick intervals, allowing him to perform as one of the strongest within the culling game.

8.  Yorozu

Being able to extremely push a sukuna that was conserving back, she possesses a robust and flexible cursed method, albeit a cursed power-inefficient one. Despite the fact that, it ought to place her above ryu, who was dispatched through sukuna with no attempt.

7.  Yuki Tsukumo

One of the few special grade sorcerers alive this is recognised, she controlled to push kenjaku with the assist of choso, way to a ct that is quite strong. But, she suffers from a loss of more showings.

6.  Suguru Geto

Taken into consideration the most dangerous alive for the duration of his high due to both his deeds and his energy stage, he was a man who turned into considered 'the strongest' alongside a pre-awakening gojo.

5.  Yuta Okkotsu

One of the sorcerers with so much capacity that earns even gojo's praise, he has grown leaps and limits considering that his entry which will conveniently function at the special grade now. Together with his copy technique, he also has the capability to own and use more cts like kenjaku

4.  Hajime Kashimo

One of the mythical shamans of records who changed into unchallenged in his time. Via natural melee and electrified ce, he demolished panda without attempt and managed to push hakari to an intense difficulty fight without using his actual cursed approach,

3.  Kenjaku

Another one that would not need much justification - he has showcased an insane level of know-how and ability in jujutsu, on pinnacle of possessing more than one effective cursed strategies. tsukumo.

2. satoru gojo

No need for any explanation,  the most loved character in the whole series, the undisputed Satoru Gojo


1. sukuna

Given his modern manga showings and further abilities/tools, it's honest to say that he is absolutely standing on the pinnacle now. He has additionally showcased possibly the smartest and most skilled utilization of cursed techniques and cursed electricity we have visible to date.